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Gear up!

Build, customize and develop your RPG-styled squads with 18 distinct weapons, special ammo types, all kinds of gadgets, craftable items and exclusive prototypes!

Adapt your tactics!

Play the Campaign, Scenarios, and the gruelling 'Defend the Base!' mode in Single Player or in hot-seat or TCP/IP co-op, and Single Missions either PvE, PvP, or even mixed, with customizable objectives!

Discover and destroy!

Each mission you play is different, thanks to a full-fledged Random Map Generator! Maps are fully destructible and full of interactive elements you can use to your advantage! Aliens have random attributes and you can hunt for rare blueprints, too!

Fight, evolve and survive!

USC has an in-depth gameplay involving unit skills, a full inventory system, detailed weapon and combat attributes, various damage effects, and the importance of map elements. You can choose from a magnitude of carefully balanced difficulty levels to hone your tactics!

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Desura Digital Distribution

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Ultimate Space Commando (USC)

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